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Best Travel Apps to Install Before Tripping:

If you are on your way to a vacation in 2017, sure thing that you will be carrying your smart mobile device with you since we are living in a world where moving from one certain point to the other is almost impossible without the help of applications avaiable on Google Play for Android Devices and Apple Store for Ios.

We created a list of the top 5 Travel Related Android Applications That Might Be Very Useful During your trip.

1 ) SkyScanner Android and IOS App:

Skyscanner as many of you already know, it one of the biggest flight ticket search engines in the world and with its Android application, it presents a much easier interface to the users. And with the updates version of Skyscanner app, there is a price alter feature but remember that this new feature on Android phones are available only on devices that are upgrades to Android Nougat; the latest OS of Google, called also Android 7.O. For the other top features of Android nougat, you can check http://www.androidnougat.net/top-features-android-upgrade-7-0-nougat/ where a detailed approach to the update is presented!

2 Travello Android and IOS App:

Travello is kindda social travel application available for Android. Install and find people from al around the world travelling to the same destination as yours and at the same dates so that not only you make new friends, but also you can share some expenses especially if you are a solo traveller.

3)Lonely Planet Guides

Lonelyplanet.com  as you know, being even older than famous tripadvisor, is the oldest and one of the biggest travel experience sharing community very well known worldwide. And taking into consideration that the community admins never let spammers fill the site with fakes, it is a trustworthy one to consult whenever necesasary.


As the name suggets it is a currency Exchange application. When being in USA or Europe it is not very useful maybe but in some countries with local currencies with many zeros, it is most of the time challenging to deal with these numbers. So a Currency Exchange application that hosts almost all the currencies in the world and make cross calculations for sure will help a lot



It is a must install application. An oldie but a goldie one! When there is nobody around to speak English, even though you can not discuss deep topics on politics, at least it will help you to survive

Have a nice travel!