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Scenic Switzerland at Zermatt


I truly enjoyed visiting Switzerland as it looks like a wonderland especially during winter. With the Swiss Alps in the background, the country is a haven for avid skiers and mountain climbers.

As you know, Switzerland has four national languages namely French, German, Italian and Rumantsch due to the diverse background of its citizens there. However, if you can speak French or German you will be able to get around there quite well.

Furthermore, most of its population there do speak a little English so you should not find a problem finding your way around. However, it would also be useful if you bring along a French or German dictionary to know vital words or phrases.
Besides bigger and well know cities like Berne, which is the capital, and Zurich and Geneva, another popular tourist destination is Zermatt. The village is located in the French speaking enclave and is known for its year round skiing haven even during summer.
Getting to Zermatt, you can fly into Zurich which is the closest city there and arrive at the village within an hour by train. The city is located 10 km from the Italian border.
Zermatt is famous for the Matterhorn, a mountain measuring over 4, 000 metres which is the most famous landmark in Switzerland. The mountain was conquered in 1865 by a group of young British mountain climbers.
The village is located on the north-facing valley of the Matterhorn and it is known for its skiing facility and mountain climbing. It has a permanent population of 5, 500 but the influx of tourists during the various vacations causes its population to vary across the seasons. Owing to its close proximity to the mountains, the authorities have made the replacement of combustion engine types with electric vehicles compulsory.
Zermatt is basically, the gateway point where tourists would go if they want to hike up the surrounding mountains decorating the landscape. You may board the many cable cars or chair lifts to get to your place of choice, the highest of these leading to Klein Matterhorn which is more than 3, 800 metres high.
Its close proximity to the mountains with the white powdery snow makes Zermatt a haven for the skiing enthusiast. You can use the four different designated districts to ski namely, Sunnegga, Gornergraft, Klein Matterhorn and Schwarzsee.


Wonderful skiing and resorts


Sunnegga is described as a skiing paradise owing to its unique topography while the valley provides a thrilling and challenging skiing experience. Sunnega boasts fewer steeper slopes making it an ideal training ground for young and beginner skiers.
In the summer, skiing is limited to the Theodulgletscher behind the Klein Matterhorn where there would be two runs open for those vying for skiing opportunities during that season.
If skiing is not your cup of tea, maybe you will enjoy the nightlife or enjoy dining at some of the famous restaurants there. However, spend a couple of days in town and enjoy the view of the Matterhorn which is certainly a marvel to behold and cherish.

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