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A Scottish Delight


My girlfriend and I decided to see some of the UK’s hidden treasures. We chose (among several places) The Isle of Skye.

A Bumpy Bus Ride in Isle of Skye



To get there we had to take a bus ride to our final destination…who says a bus ride is quiet! I think it was one of the highlights of our trip. The friendly Gaelic speaking gent must have hit every bump on the way and he was driving like a pro race circuit driver; I not being used to this decided to get up and change seats…WHUMP! I smashed me head. Was quite a fun trip despite the bumps!

The Isle of Skye boasted a gorgeous rock beach and friendly faces everywhere. We saw the “rock” man and castle ruins. We walked for over an hour without seeing a single vehicle or person. We did see many sheep though.


The air was clean and crisp and the sights were amazing. Everything seemed so untouched and you could really imagine how things were hundreds of years ago. The Isle of Skye is truly a breathtaking place with some of the friendliest faces in the UK. I must admit I also have a fondness for pastries now!


A Stop in Edinburgh


Edinburgh was another of our stops. When we arrived we had the pleasure of enjoying a Scotsman dressed in a kilt and his finery playing the bagpipes – FANTASTIC! And no, we didn’t try to peek under the kilt!


We signed up for the haunted underground. The host was incredibly knowledgeable and animated about the history of winches and the black plague. The tales he told and the way he brought us into his stories of the past were amazing….We had chills for some time after that.

The Queen’s castle was lovely and the spires and gothic buildings were a spectacle of grace, beauty and strength…we were in total awe of these architectural delights.

The University of Glasgow was another stop…it was beyond anything we could have expected…there is definitely nothing as amazing as a handcrafted building. The stained glass windows of the on site church were fabulous. We tried to sneak in a class to see one of the lectures in progress but were politely refused. I suppose we never lose the curiosity of children…that is what drives us to learn and search deeper.


Thanks for allowing me to share a moment in time that will be etched in my mind for always.

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