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Aswan: Events Highlights

Highlights: Major Events

Moulid al-Nabi (Maulid-ur Rasul)
31 March This major religious festival celebrates the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (s.w.a.), and is an occasion for street festivities, processions and other related events.
Sham el-Nessim
9 – 10 April This traditional event follows Coptic Easter and is a national (if unofficial) holiday, when the Egyptians celebrate the arrival of spring with a get-together, usually with picnics and long dinners.

Public Holidays

Eid-ul Adha
1 January
Coptic Christmas
7 January
Maal Hijrah (Islamic New Year)
20 January
Bank Holiday
21 January
Maulid-ur Rasul (Prophet’s Birthday)
31 March
Orthodox Easter
8 April
Coptic Easter Monday
9 April
Sinai’s Liberation Day
25 April
Labour Day
1 May
National Day (Revolution Day)
23 July
Armed Forces Day
6 October
Eid-ul Fitri
14 – 17 October
Eid-ul Adha
19 – 22 December

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