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Autumn Days in Salzburg

Salzburg in autumn is a special place. Often overlooked for its more glamorous and cosmopolitan sister city Vienna, Salzburg during the rest of the year is the second city in …

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Viennese Highlights

Before London got its Eye, and before the many large, modern observation wheels around the world were put up, the biggest of them all was the wheel at the Prater …

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The Storks Return to Rust

The Austrian town of Rust is known for two things: its  the storks that nest on the town rooftops. Both of these things draw thousands of visitors to the little town …

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The Hills Come Alive In Salzburg

“The hills are alive with the sound of music….” sings Julie Andrews who plays Maria Von Trapp, a novice candidate at a Benedictine Convent in Salzburg, Austria in the 1965 movie …

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Best Time To Travel To Austria

Though small in size, Austria is a country that offers much interest to the visitor: A rich, complex, multi-faceted history, a strong vibrant culture and some of the most exquisite …

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