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Bordeaux Travel Guide


France as one should know, is a country rich in culture. There is a little well-known area called Bordeaux that is situated on the Garonne River in the Southwest of France. With over one million inhabitants or rather ‘Bordelais’ as they like to be known, travelling here would definitely be an enjoyable experience.

If you are worried about not soaking enough arts and culture on your stay, do not fret! UNESCO World Heritage List has dubbed this city an urban and architectural ensemble. Bordeaux has the largest architectural base in France. While enjoying the hustle and bustle of the city, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the 18th century buildings that surround it. Why not visit the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux? Home to world famous ballets and operas, its sights are enough to leave you in awe. Interesting tip, it is the oldest wooden frame opera in the whole of Europe never to have been burnt down!

In almost every corner of Bordeaux, there seems to be a church; one looking more spectacular than the other. If, after a while, they all look alike, take our advice and visit the Saint-André Cathedral. The Royal Gate originates from the 13th century while the rest are from the 14th and 15th century. Such churches like Saint-Michel Basilica and Saint-Seurin Basilica are all part of the World Heritage Sites of the Routes of Santiago de Compostela in France. So take a trip to these churches. It would be worth your time. Not a fan of churches? Pay a visit anyway; its sights certainly make for a beautiful photo opportunity.

Having taken in all the sights, wind down with wine! Bordeaux produces large quantities of wine and the most expensive ones as well. Red and white wines are available at a fraction of the price you usually pay! Wine making is one of Bordeaux’s main economy so the term wine and dine really applies here. Any red and white you can think of is produced here, one is certainly spoilt for choice. Little cafeterias and patisseries along the roads make for long hours of afternoon tea stretch even longer. If you are a budding wine connoisseur why not take up a wine tour? Most of these tours are affiliated with your hotel or create a tour of your own!

As for shopping, Bordeaux’s Rue Sainte-Catherine has the longest shopping street in the whole of Europe. Now doesn’t that sound appealing? Rue Sainte-Catherine has a wide range of cafeterias and restaurants so he can certainly take a break while she shops.


As you walk along the street, it gets progressively up-market till you reach Place de la Comedie. It is said that branded labels cost cheaper than it would in your home country especially if it is made in Europe! To make your stay even more enjoyable, why not plan your holiday in conjunction with Bordeaux’s festivals and big events. In a city like this, celebration is definitely embraced with open arms and Bordelais will certainly embrace you.



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