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Stuttgart, Germany

You could ‘lose’ yourself in Stuttgart! Not in the sense of literally getting lost, but totally losing sense of time and being enraptured by its beauty. This city is the …

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Düsseldorf, Germany

Düsseldorf, a capital city and an economic hub of Germany, is a place to look out for. Strategically situated over the Rhine, Düsseldorf currently is home to more than ten …

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Getting to Know Cologne

Cologne has more than just being the birthplace of the original Eau de Cologne, Kölsch beer and the Rhine. One of Germany’s oldest cities, it was also once capital of …

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The Rivers of Hamburg

It’s difficult to describe Hamburg without comparing it to other cities. In fact, it’s usually conceded as impossible; there are just too many things that draw their greatest significance from …

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Munich – The New Old

One of the most endearing attractions of Munich is the glockenspiel, or clock tower, and the regular performance by its moving statues and musical bells. Visitors often get the impression …

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Berlin Awakens!

I had not planned to fall in love with Berlin. As a relatively unseasoned traveller, I entered the city under the influence of the preconceptions spread by others who had …

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