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Healing in Mt. Jangtaesan Korea

My colleague told me that Mt, Jangtaesan was so beautiful and very nice to enjoye relaxing.
Mt.Jangtaesan was famous for the forest of Japanese cypress which had lots of phytoncide.
Phytoncide is known very helpful for the health.
My colleague suggested me to visit Mt. Jantaesan and took a walk receiving phytoncide.

At that time I was very tired so decided to accept his advice of visiting Mt.Jangtaesan.
While riding to the Mt., I could enjoy the scenery of river and mountain.

It is always amazing when I encounter the unexpected thing. That day the scenery of river and mountain was the unexpected amazement. As soon as entering into the country road for 20 minutes, the clean river came into my eyes.

I stopped the car by the road, there I could feel the tranquility itself. There was no cars and no people. There was nothing disturbing my perfect feeling. Wild duck family was swimming in the river.

The river was colored with trees, mountains and skies.

Fish was swimming in the river. Water was so clean that I could take the photo of fish from the bridge.

At the entrance to the Mt.Jangtaesan, there was beautiful strean. I was enjoying the sound of water. Water sound made me calm and quiet. It is as same as the Zen for me hearing a water sound.

There were lots of people visiting Mt.Jangtaesan with their family for healing tired spirit and soul.

This mountain and forest were donated by a businessman. He had cultivated Japanese cypress in his all life. At the last moment of his life time, he donated mountain and forest for the people of his hometown.

The were some facilities for relaxing and enjoying nature.

I walked into the forest deeper, there was very quiet. I could not meet people on the road. It was excellent. I was so happy to be alone without any disturbing.

The forest was much more perfect than at the entrance.

I laid down and looked at the sky. There were trees at the sky and the trees were staring at me from the sky.It was a perfect day. I strongly recommend to visit Mt.Jangtaesan in DaeJeon city.

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