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Ideas for an Adventure Holiday

Think you’ve got to be a health buff in order to enjoy so-called adventure vacations?

Well, it’s just not true. Anyone can have a great time on an adventurous holiday getaway – just pick the one that’s right for you. You’ll find that nothing beats a vacation from the extraordinary!

Yes, there are some pretty challenging adventure holidays to choose from: skiing or rock climbing, for example. But if you’re not a sports buff, never fear – what about an adventure of a different sort?


Try visiting an exotic foreign country, somewhere that’s off the beaten path. Opt for a smaller inn rather than a huge posh resort. Get off the well-trod path and explore some place new, you’ll discover wonderful things about yourself in the process.


Getting Started on You Adventure Holiday

So just like you would when thinking about any holiday, the first step is to decide what you want from the experience. There are adventures to be had at all ages, but clearly you would not want to take your young children on an Everest expedition. Some older folk might appreciate a slightly more relaxed trip – others might not!

To book the trip of your dreams, first establish precisely what you want to do. Have you always longed to ride in a hot air balloon? There are many companies that plan these sorts of trips, and they’ll help you get started even if you’ve never done it before.

Maybe you have always wanted to visit a particular place – the Parthenon in Greece, or the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem? For many people this is truly an adventure, and also can be the most rewarding type of holiday.

For trips like this there are travel companies that specialize in slightly more adventurous trips – this usually means that you may get to stay in more interesting hotels and visit sights that are off-the-beaten track. Of course if you are confident, you can sort yourself out – buy your ticket, a guidebook and away you go!

Deciding Where To Go

What if you’re not sure exactly where to go? The options are endless. Many places that were unsafe for travelers in the past are now prime destinations again, such as beautiful Ethiopia, which is peaceful again after a long civil war. Or consider steamy Chile, culturally-rich Jordan or stunning Nepal.

If you want both psychological and physical stimulation, simply combine an adventurous destination with an active vacation. Try exploring the destination of your choice by foot–this works particular well when the outdoor climate is appealing, as in Madeira, the Garden Island.

You won’t want to be burdened down with your backpacking equipment at all times, though, so consider participating in an organized tour. The tour company will take care of your baggage while you’re out exploring on foot.

If an active holiday is what you are looking for, there are always alternatives close to home that may make an adventure holiday quite affordable. There are people who have completed the 2, 174 miles of the Appalachian Trail by stringing together several adventure holidays. There is no shortage of breaks offering a chance to learn an altogether new skill – kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing…

Whatever you decide, keep in mind that preparation is the key ingredient in creating a successful holiday. Exercise regularly in advance of your trip to ensure that you’re in good shape for your adventure vacation, even if the active portion of it is simply touring by foot. Read up on the culture and study some maps before you arrive in your new locale, so you know what to expect.

When you’re prepared, you’re in the best possible position to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

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