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Man to man combat..Indonesian style :)

Duel in Sarung is an old tradition in certain part of Indonesia to settle a dispute. This tradition is common in the old times of Celebes (Sulawesi- Bugis) and Minangkabau – West Sumatra.


In Minangkabau, this happened normally between different Silek schools. In the Old Minangkabau, It was a common thing to have a Pendekar from another school to visit and challenge the Pendekar that he visited. Most of the time they will have a friendly spar and show skills that end up in a food feast and new friendship being minted.

But there will be a time where a Pendekar had bad intention and dishonouring the other Pendekar that he visited. When it comes to this, then the dispute are settled by giving each Pendekar a knife and put them in a sarung to fight and show who has the best skills.

It is a quick and dirty solution for a fight because normally it only lasted for few seconds before someone got stab or slashed. The fight ends when one of them died or both died. The rule stated there must be no more fight among the students after this duel and no bad feelings between different schools after that fight.

In Buluh Tua, we still use this tradition as a way of training method. We don´t kill each other (obviously!!), we just use sarung and “play” in a form of drills to increase our skills in “Garak, garik, gelek, raso, pandang”. We use our Pukulan and Basic blocks and blunt weapons as a tool.

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