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Why you need to purchase a Jaw crusher

Jaw crushers are heavy duty construction as well as low cost per ton crushing. They are genuine and reliable and can be used for all kinds of materials. There are various different models of jaw crusherthat you can choose from. These crushers comprise of a variety of unique features that make it a must buy for construction industries.

Features of a jaw crusher

  • These jaw crusher comprises of a heavy duty base frame that is submerged, arc welded, and thermally stress relieved.
  • They have heavy duty, oversized spherical and self aligned roller bearings
  • They have a large diameter with a drop forged chrome nickel pitman shaft
  • These jaw crushers have large wheels to ensure that the inertia is well maintained to crush the hardest materials

You can also try from various models of crusher plant that is available in different tons and capacities.      

What is a crushing plant?

 A crushing plantis a one stop crushing installation that can be used for crushing rocks, heavy building materials, garbage, as well as other heavy objects. Crushing plants can be fixed or mobile. There are different kinds of models to choose from based on your requirements.