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A Houseboat on the Canals

The Netherlands have always had an intimate relationship with water. In a very real sense, the nation is founded on the conquest and manipulation of water, and the picturesque windmills …

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The Marvellous Dutch Cheese

“Hey, Cheese-head!” The Dutch are known for being fond of their cheese. After all, every postcard from the Netherlands that doesn’t feature tulips seems to be of a piece of …

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The Attraction of Amsterdam

What is it about Amsterdam that attracts so many thousands of visitors every year? A recent tourism survey proclaimed Amsterdam as the fourth most popular holiday destination in Europe after …

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Weekend in Amsterdam

My boyfriend had bugged me for months to take him to Amsterdam. We’re both Irish but for some reason I have always had a strange fascination for Holland and the …

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Best Places to Visit Netherlands

The low-lying Netherlands are famous for their windmills, tulips and clogs, but there is so much more to this refreshingly laidback European nation: their picturesque capital, Amsterdam, is famed for …

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