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Planning a Vegas Themed Wedding


If you just can’t get to Las Vegas for your actual wedding, why not create a themed wedding extravaganza? With a little shopping and a lot of imagination, you’re sure to create a fun evening for all that come.


The invitation

The first step in wedding planning is the invitation.

Announce your intentions for a Vegas theme in the invitation itself. Create an invitation that looks like a betting ticket or a card that includes a few playing cards with the invitation details. Your invitation card can even look like something from one of the hotels or casinos.

The ceremony

If you’re looking to create a Vegas theme during the actual ceremony, you might be able to achieve this by decorating like a Vegas chapel. You might be able to go online to see if you can copy some of the chapels there, or you can just incorporate bright colors and flashing lights for a Vegas taste.

The red and black of playing cards create the right atmosphere for the Vegas ceremony. Moreover, they look a class apart from the flashy display of colors.

The reception

At the reception you can play the Vegas theme with gay abandon. Decorate the venue with casino flavored decorations. All you need to do is spread poker chips and cards on the tables, or give different hotel or casino names to each table. Make the place cards like the casino tickets or playing cards with the guests name in the center.


You can give playing cards or chocolate poker chips as favors for your guests. Some couples like to give music compilations of Vegas related music with the date and couple’s name on the front.

The cake

Get your cake in the shape of a slot machine or a casino blackjack table. You will get any number of ideas for cakes from pictures of casinos and with a little ingenuity you can give the perfect shape to your wedding cake.

Vegas music

For the Vegas wedding, you can also use music that is loud and boisterous-just like the city. Or you can go with a lounge singer or Elvis impersonator for the real Vegas feel.

Have a karaoke contest and get everyone to be a lounge singer for a while.

Last, but not the least, go to Las Vegas for your honeymoon after a grand Vegas wedding, and enjoy the city without having to bring everyone with you!

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