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Shark Diving Experience In South Africa


Get ready for the underwater adventure of a lifetime! Diving with the sharks is the perfect opportunity to get up-close and very personal with those menacing creatures of the deep!


I recently headed to South Africa for my holiday together with a few friends. One day, when we were touring around Cape Town, I saw an interesting advertisement stuck on the glass door at one of the shops, stating the place where we could book a day trip cage-diving with the Great White Shark. I told my friends that it could be a good idea to take the trip, making our visit more adventures and thrilling. Local people said that the low season is the best time to see them and we were basically there at the right time.


At first, I wasn’t too keen about it because after going through the shark tunnel at Sea World quite sometime ago, I became quite terrified of the creatures. And suddenly ‘The Jaws’ film came into my mind – the part where the shark busted Richard Dreyfuss‘ cage. However, looking at the prices, with plenty of support from my friends (or rather, a gaggle of not-so-gentle verbal coercion), I thought: oh well, no harm done, I might as well go. So we proceeded with the registration and everything else that’s required accordingly. Everyone looked pretty excited and couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

After we ate our breakfast, rather nervously, I must say, that morning, we headed to Gansbaai at about 8.00am. Gansbaai in South Africa is absolutely the best place to see the Great White Shark, we were told. The journey took about half an hour from our Cape Town hotel.

Cape Town hotel

Half an hour later, we arrived at the dive spot. We were all kitted out in the diving gear. I was soon in a wetsuit waiting for my turn to get into the cage after being given a short briefing. At last the time that we were all waiting for arrived – entering the water!


Before entering into the cage, I spotted a huge dark shadow just below the surface. I was really nervous – I nearly fainted with fear actually. I guess I was just apprehensive about getting into the cage, because once I was in there and got my head underwater, the nerves just melted away. I just wanted to see those deep sea beasts.


It was a little murky at first, and I couldn’t really see much. Then one of my friends pointed out towards a huge shape with long, elongated fins to the left of us. It was just cruising around slowly before turning and swimming towards us. Even then though, it didn’t look like it was in an attack mode. It just swam up towards the cage. It displayed itself to us in its full glory before circling around us slowly. I got a chance to touch the beast when it loomed into view and brushed against the cage’s steel bars. In about half an hour in the water, I saw three sharks total. Out of the three, two of them seemed pretty relaxed, seemingly curious to just want to know what was going on in their territory. The other one was much more inquisitive and gave the cage a knock a couple of times.

When my time was up, and I was back on the deck, I wasn’t exactly desperate to go in for the second time, but I felt like I was on a high for the rest of the day. A couple of days later I was still thinking about the huge shapes floating around in the blue, occasionally taking a closer look at us. It was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done.

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