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Ways to Stay Online When Traveling Abroad

In our daily lives most of us are used to being constantly connected to other people either via facebook, text messages, email, phone, social networking sites or direct contacts. However, when we go traveling or move abroad a lot of friends and family might feel like you’re going to be disconnected for a while.

Thankfully, some inventions of modern technology made things easier these days, as there are many tools and hacks to stay connected all the time and don’t spend a fortune on it.

Options for staying connected abroad:

Calling Cards

I remember when I moved to the US for the first time my mom told me to buy a few calling cards. Yes, you heard it right… back in the day we all used prepaid calling cards for public and stationary phones to save on long distance calls. While some people still use them, in the era of smartphones that might not be the smartest form of communication, simply because finding a public phone might be a challenge and it can get annoying.


The simplest way of being able to call and text everyone from your smartphone is obviously paying roaming charges. But not every provider is as nice as American T-Mobile which gives people free internet worldwide, and you might be up with some enormous charges on your account. Trust me, I’ve done this before and would never pay for roaming again.

Rent a TEP wireless portable wifi device

You can easily rent a portable mobile device, such as Tep, in many countries. You can carry it in your pocket or bag and connect up to 3 devices at a time. I used it in Japan and Mexico and it almost never failed me. The best part is that you only pay local fees and get the device for free.

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