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Best Places To Visit In Qatar


One of the most overlooked emirates in the Middle East, Qatar is also one of the most promising for adventurous travelers looking for a destination off the beaten track. It offers thoroughly modern cities, verdant islands in the Arabian Gulf, majestic forts, endless deserts and above all, one of the most stable, open and forward looking societies in the region.


Qatar Forts


For aspiring architect or simply a lover of old buildings and fortresses, Qatar is the best place to visit, with the abundance of forts in the country.

Marroub Fort


It was built during the Abbas-Said period on the foundations of an older fort. It is located on the west coast of Qatar and bears the marks of Abbas-Said architectural creativity. North of the fort, there are 250 houses that are grouped together in an arch formation. These are more defensive in nature rather than focused on any accommodation preference.




Al Zubara is an important archaeological site situated just 100 kilometres west of Doha. It is famous for its old fort, which was turned into a museum. The fort was built during the reign of Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani, around 1938 and was erected on the ruins of a neighbouring fort. The fort is square-shaped with circular towers on three of its corner and a rectangular on the fourth. This fort served as a coast guard station and until the mid 1980’s, was also used by the military.

Umm Salal Mohammed Fort


This late 19th and early 20th century fort is located about 20 Kilometres north of Doha. It is distinguishable by its high thick walls and impressive facade which adorns the fort externally. Internally, there are several examples of architectural and decorative elements that are sure to please history lovers.

Al-Wajbah Fort

Al-Wajbah Fort was the site of a famous battle and is thought of as the oldest fort in Qatar. Its high towers and thick wall was responsible for defending the people of Qatar under the leadership of Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammed Al Thani, who fought against the Ottoman forces.

But, forts aren’t the only thing that will attract visitors to this country. Composed of a number of rocky hills overlooking the north eastern coast of Qatar, the hills of Al-Jassasiya contain numerous stone carvings and engravings which are speculated to date back to pre-historic times. Known for its fine beaches, Al-Jassasiya and its neighbour, Fuwairet, are popular for weekend excursions.


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