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Cheap Travel Trip in Hungary


Beautiful, gracious, historic Hungary has been the playground of Europe’s wealthy and well-heeled set for centuries, who come to party in lively Budapest and loll about the rustic countryside. Today, the visitors range the usual jet-setters to the more common backpackers, but the country is still as charmingly appealing as ever.


Hungary for a Spa Treatment?


To quote Hippocrates, the father of medicine, from whom it was first proclaimed “Nature is the physician of our diseases”. And a spa treatment, more than other form of recreational outlets, can be seen as a place to heal your mind, body and soul in relaxation. And this is what Hungary is famous for as evident from the abundance of recreational spas in the country.

The culture of bathing dates back to the ancient Roman times. Excavated remains of bath houses, frescoes and mosaics demonstrate that the Romans discovered and exploited these thermal water resources during their glory days. Now with state-of-the-art facilities, it becomes a modern past-time to heal oneself.

Hungary is blessed with an abundance of thermal water, being the fifth largest supplier of thermal water in the world. Boasting around 1, 300 thermal springs, 270 of these springs are used for bathing and spa centres. Travellers are even able to peruse the lake at the town of Hévíz near Balaton, the world’s largest thermal lake suitable for bathing. The perk is that the lake is open all year round, with a temperature of around 79°F/26°C.


Hungary sits on one of the best geothermal and medicinal water resources anywhere in the world. Specifically, the Bükk Hills, Miskolctapolca, that sit on a geological fault line which contains an atmospheric cave lake, both cold karst and hot-water springs. Recently, a spa hotel was built at Egerszalok to accommodate travellers. The steaming terraces of snow-white calcium crystals on the green hillside make an extraordinary view for hotel dwellers.


Thermal baths, sanatoria, lidos and over 50 spa hotels have sprung up around the country’s springs. In addition to the thermal and medicinal waters, such complexes frequently offer an impressive range of other health and beauty facilities. Visitors can take advantage of various natural therapies (including mineral-rich mud), while some the humid air or high levels of carbon dioxide in some natural caves are said to be beneficial in treating certain conditions.

The facilities at thermal baths and spa hotels are generally aimed equally at relaxation and the prevention of illness, and they include balneotherapy, detoxification and beauty cures, aromatherapy, a comprehensive range of massage services, dietary consultancy, and sporting activities.

Travellers go to Hungary weary and tired. When they leave, they return home a new person, refreshed from the spa experience in a country blessed with a unique natural element.

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