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A Day In Puerto Morelos Mexico, The Adventure Begins.

We arrived in Cancun airport over two weeks ago.

Although I vowed before hand not to get sucked into an expensive taxi ride, but out of weariness and toting along too much baggage, we got sucked in indeed.

I had booked an Airbnb for one night, just at the outskirts of Puerto Morelos which is half way between Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. I was warned that this place was a little difficult to find.

Finding it was not nearly as difficult as physically getting to it was. Why because the last two kilometers of the road was a narrow sandy road with a multitude of deep water filled giant pools. The cab driver was starting to panic but he held it together. I felt sorry for him so I let him drop us off much sooner and we began to walk with all of our baggage through the swampy sand road adorned with warning signs of snakes and crocodiles.

We made it to our house that we booked for one night before we would head to a town called Tizimin which we booked for one month.

This first one night stay was situated on the ocean with giant waves crashing to the shore but not suitable for swimming because of the rocky bottom.

We had been warned to bring food as the nearest store was two kilometers away. We had planned to drop our things and walk the two kilometers to the store. It was actually six kilometers to the nearest store that was in the town of Puerto Morelos.

We hadn’t eaten for close to 24 hours. The flight offered the average person peanuts and chips but to our surprise at check in, we were made aware that we had a priority flight plan. It meant first on first off, better seats sandwiches, muffins and other treats. Unfortunately none of it was vegan so we gave all of the special food away to some happy people that got nothing but peanuts.

Walking the many kilometers hungry and hot as hell was tough but having to wade through small ponds for a good portion of the way made the journey seem that much more impossible.

We did it and after roaming the streets of Puerto Morelos we finally went to a store that offered not much more than a can of beans and tortillas.

We started to head back and on our way through the town we discovered a restaurant with many vegan options so there we dined on homemade veggie burgers and stuffed peppers.

We continued back to the house in the dark. We didn’t think we could make it. I have never been so nervous in my life.

We made it and spent little time awake due to sheer exhaustion.

All the pain was erased as we woke to an incredible Yucatan sunrise.

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