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Dining Out in Amsterdam – Some Great Places To Eat


Amsterdam offers a hot time to visitors. It provides hot hotels, hot entertainment, and hot places to eat in plenty. The fine restaurant hot spots that serve good food and great atmosphere are everywhere.


So, while in Amsterdam, take a look at six of the hottest places to taste the best cuisine.


Beddingtons is a prime example of a leisurely fine dining experience. If you are looking for a comfortable, relaxed, leisurely evening in a great atmosphere, be sure to make a reservation at Beddingtons. This is not a good choice for those in a hurry. The cuisine is one of the finest examples of fusion dining in the world. The proprietor, Jean Beddington, himself directs the preparation of the food which is a blend of Italian, French, British, along with Indian and Japanese cuisines.


Cafe Roux offers fine French dining in a more casual atmosphere. The Cafe has a fabulous location overlooking a beautifully situated canal and thus offers great value to its patrons. This a la carte restaurant is a part of the Grand Amsterdam hotel. It is located on the ground floor of the hotel, but also has its own private street entrance. Here again, the proprietor, Albert Roux, personally supervised all of the traditional French preparations which are as delightfully perfect as at a “brasserie”.

A great place for delicious Italian food is Segugio. It has an open layout making it look larger than it really is. It offers a variety of Venetian specialties that are sometimes hard to find in other places.

Dynasty. This restaurant offers a taste of the Orient in the middle of Amsterdam. One of the great pleasures of eating at Dynasty involves the beautiful canal house garden. It is lovely to look upon, and during the summer it is even lovelier to eat in the garden, enjoying the season as well as the food. A variety of Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese dishes are available in large portions.


Kaiko. This is an authentic sushi bar frequented by Japanese on business. It is located near the Okura hotel, which caters especially to visitors from Japan. Delicious sake is served, and one can watch the cook prepare the food. It is a wonderful sushi experience, with arguably the best sushi in town.

Duende. Located in the section of Amsterdam known as the Jordaan, this tapas bar offers much in the way of a lively atmosphere and delicious Spanish food. All of the Hispanic restaurants in Amsterdam are reasonably priced, and Duende is no exception. One of the features of this restaurant includes a studio in the back that it used for teaching courses in Spanish dance and in Spanish music. Flamenco music is provided for guests’ pleasure.

Whatever your tastes, you are sure to find something to satisfy them in Amsterdam. You are likely to find a fine eating spot whichever part of the city you find yourself in.
This city is known for its openness and ethnic blend which adds to the richness and varieties of its restaurants.

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