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Dublin, Ireland


Dublin, the largest city and the capital of Ireland has got to be the place to be. Known as having the fastest growing population of any European capital city, it is a hit with travellers across the globe. In a recent BBC European survey, Dublin is considered the best capital city to live in. So we asked ourselves, what makes this beautiful city so popular?


Dublin boasts a rich culture and we are not just talking about the warmth of the Dubliners here. We are talking about arts and literature that makes Dublin such a wonderful city to live in. Little known fact, are you aware that William Butler Yates, Oscar Wilde and Jonathan Swift are from Dublin? Does that not make you feel a little bit more inspired to visit this vivacious city? Dublin is also home to the largest museums and libraries in the whole of Ireland, so make sure you drop by to immerse yourself in centuries-old arts and literature.

Dublin was voted the friendliest city in Europe in 2007 and what better way to witness such friendliness then to get a taste of the nightlife and the entertainment scene. St. Stephen’s Green is the place to go when you are in Dublin. It is a picturesque park within the city, adjoined to the shopping district. What makes it even better is that the area surrounding St. Stephen’s Green is home to popular clubs and pubs in Dublin. However, the best tourist hotspot for nightlife would have to be Temple Bar. Popular amongst the locals and the tourists, it encompasses independent art productions, photography and street performances. Temple Bar is certainly the place to go to when in Dublin and if you are lucky, you will be able to catch the film festival over at the Irish Film Institute. To really enjoy the Dublin scene, it is essential to know the basics of rugby; after all it is an important sport here. All the pubs will be tuned in during rugby season so sit back and enjoy a pint while at it.

Shopping in Dublin is definitely something worth mentioning. Apart from Stephen Green’s indoor shopping centre, Brown Thomas and its sister company BT2 is one of the notable places to go shopping. Having been dubbed Dublin’s very own 5th Avenue and even Bloomingdale of New York City, this is due to having such labels as Chanel and Gucci in its frontage. Recently Dublin has seen major reconstruction in the Northern Quarter of the city whereby more shops, apartment, cafes and restaurants are to be built. The said area would be along Prince Street thus making it a more urbanised and pedestrian affair; a place worth visiting if in Dublin.

Getting around in Dublin is fairly easy with its modern public transportation. There are four types of train that travel within Dublin such as the Commuter Trail, DART, light trail (tram system) , LUAS and the Dublin Metro. Besides that, there is the extensive bus network that has more than 200 radical routes traversing the city! For the adventurous, why not take up the Ghost Bus Tour that takes tourists to supposedly haunted hot spots in the city at night. Wouldn’t that be interesting?


All in all Dublin is certainly the place to be, it does not only take you to an entirely different lifestyle and scenery but also caters to the thrill-seeker within you.

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