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Epic Natural Activities


Maldives is a perfect destination for diving enthusiasts around the world. Resorts around Maldives conduct daily all year round diving and only on rare events would any diving expedition have to be cancelled. Most resorts in the Maldives have access to protected reef on the leeward side of the island; this enables divers to enjoy a dive even during rough seas and strong winds.


Each and every one of the resorts in Maldives caters for scuba divers and international certificates of all types are accepted. Dive schools are even available and well equipped with essential diving equipment for hire. Those who are eager to learn would be happy to know that there are various dive courses conducted in the resorts. All resorts conduct open water and advanced courses such as night diving, rescue diving and underwater photography. But, the most popular diving experience would be the naturalist course and shark specialist course due to ever growing interest in the conservation of marine environment.

Maldives Resorts


If you are not into deep sea diving, snorkelling would be an ideal way to explore the underwater world of Maldives. The house reefs of the islands in Maldives are just a few strokes away from the beachfront. Some resorts organises regular snorkelling ‘expeditions‘ which give visitors a rare chance to experience the vast diversity of marine life and reef structures in the Maldives. Even when the reefs are just a quick swim away, snorkelling is still the preferred mode of enjoying nature’s underwater castles.


Those who have an affinity for the extreme would be happy to discover that Maldives has unexpectedly become an established destination for surfers worldwide. The sport is still relatively new to Maldives if compared to more established excursions such as scuba diving. It is however not to be taken lightly, with surfing contests taking place in the Maldives which firmly plants the sport as one to keep. Resorts around the eastern side of North Male‘ Atoll are considered to be the best place to gain access to a number of excellent surf breaks. Basically the best surf breaks are to be found around the Male’ Atoll.


For eager surfer aficionado, the best time to go surfing in Maldives is during the months of May to October. The reason is because of the southwest monsoon; one of the two monsoons to reach the island, even though it is mostly wet and rainy, it does provide the best surf. The northwest monsoon on the other hand, from November to April, brings fine weather and coincides with high tourist season.

Even with all these alternative sports and activities to enjoy in Maldives, there are sure to be a few people who rather not get their feet wet. For this, safari boats are available for tourists for a cruise around the islands. If it seems boring just to cruise around the islands, no worries because that is not the main purpose of this cruise. It is not called safari boat just for show; travellers are able to watch whales and dolphins during this cruise. With an abundance of different species of whales and dolphins around Maldives, such as the Blue Whale, Sperm Whale and Pilot Whale and also as much as seven different species of dolphins, such as the Spinner, Bottlenose and many more. Even more fascinating is the chance to spot a pod of extravagant Killer Whales or Orcas, which contrary to popular belief do not live only in cold waters.


With an abundance of natural activities and sports to enjoy in Maldives, it sure is a fine way to relax while embracing the nature around you.


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