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Fascinating Ujung Pandang


Legendary tales of the old kingdom of Gowa and its exotic spice trade pave the passage to Ujung Pandang. In its heyday, Makassar, as Ujung Pandang was formerly called, was the focal point of all shipping and commerce East of Java.


The Bugis, known as a great seafaring people who had a maritime empire, are well known for their expertise. Check out these warriors who used to pose a threat to Dutch interests in the seventeenth century. The unique Torajan culture, including their animistic burial rites, also makes this region fascinating.


Stroll through the city and discover traces of Eastern Indonesian seafaring heritage, culture and handicrafts. Explore Jalan Somba Opu, a street lined with clusters of goldsmiths shops. Or experience the magic of Makassar’s famous sunsets against the beautiful Sulawesi Sea while you have a meal along the popular waterfront of Lorsari Beach.


Here, hawkers arrive late in the afternoon and set up makeshift stalls selling steaming noodles, delicious grilled bananas and a variety of local desserts like creamy Avocado shakes with brown sugar.


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