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Fiji Holiday Destinations


The legendary blue waters, white sands and golden sun of the atolls draw an endless stream of visitors to Fiji. With its charming colonial buildings, laidback, welcoming people and views straight out of a dream, its easy to see why many consider the Pacific Islands an earthly paradise.


Robinson Crusoe Island: Fiji’s Best-Kept Secret


You certainly don’t have to get shipwrecked to enjoy a day of fun in a sunny tropical island paradise like the Robinson Crusoe Island in Fiji! This beautiful tropical isle hidden away off the Coral Coast of Viti Levu is most famous for its remarkable underwater life, coral reefs, white sandy beaches, and beautiful blue lagoons as well as its friendly island inhabitants! Also known as the Likuri Island, this tiny island is especially popular among backpackers because of its clean and affordable accommodation as well as its simple and laidback island lifestyle.


Island History


The island has an amazing history dating as far back as 3, 500 years when the first Polynesians arrived on the shores of the Fiji islands. For the next 500 years, another tribe of inhabitants known as the Melanesians arrived on the island. As a result, the Fijian descendents of today are actually a mixture of these two cultures, the Polynesians and the Melanesians. Back then, the island was used for the sole purpose of performing sacred and traditional ceremonies and gatherings for the tribal chiefs which has been passed on since generations. It is only recently that the island was opened to tourism, fully exercising its potential as an eco-tourism budget destination mainly geared towards backpackers.



Becoming a True Islander


The Robinson Crusoe Island is tucked away in a remote area which is only accessible by boat. The boat journey to the island itself is an experience to remember! Venturing through an interesting drive through the villages, a 30 minute cruise through the jungle river lined with mangroves followed by a short trip across the lagoon is well worth it before arriving at the idyllic Robinson Crusoe Island.


Upon stepping on the white sandy beach peppered by swaying palm trees and greeted by soft island music or shouts of BULA! (Which means hello in Fiji) by the warm and friendly pacific islanders will definitely put a huge smile to your face! A traditional welcoming ceremony follows thereafter by introducing to the visitors a local drink known as Kava (a herbal tea concoction produced by straining a mixture of water and pounded dried root of the Kava plant) served in a large wooden bowl. It is a compulsory ritual drink for the visitor to become a true islander!


Spending the Days in Paradise…


Being a favourite among backpackers, the island provides visitors with a variety of budget accommodation such as dorms and bures depending on your budget and preferences. Priding itself at maintaining a high level of hygiene and clean environment, the food prepared on the island are all made from the fresh seafood caught in the clear blue waters around the island and tropical fruits and vegetables from the nearby villages.


Being a low lying island with no hills and only circled by palm trees, this island is so small that it takes you about 15 minutes to explore the whole island! Though it may be tiny, don’t let it fool you into thinking that there’s nothing much to see and do there. In fact, there are many activities lined up for visitors such as snorkelling, diving, fishing, cruising, sailing,   and kayaking.


Free activities organized by the locals enable visitors to enjoy fishing and snorkelling trips to the coral reefs surrounding the island. Visitors can also paddle around the whole island and explore the blue lagoon on a sea kayak. The jungle bush walk is also one of the activities that enable visitors to get a first hand experience at learning more about traditional island medicines.


If trekking and paddling isn’t your kind of thing, try experiencing the laidback lifestyle of the islanders by getting involved in their daily activities such as plucking coconuts and learning how to husk a coconut as well as catching coconut land crabs. Locals will also teach you how to make your own coconut jewellery and Kava bowl using the open coconut shells.


By night, visitors will be treated to a special entertaining show by the locals with their Fijian warrior dancing and belly dancing by the women accompanied by the lovely traditional Fijian music. A dazzling fire dancing performance will also leave you mesmerized as you watch the skilful dancers spin great balls of fire with such amazing talent and skill.


For a small tropical paradise tucked away in a deserted location, the Robinson Crusoe Island has definitely earned itself the title of being one of the most popular party islands in Fiji! It’s never a boring day on Robinson Crusoe Island as the friendly islanders will keep you entertained with their antics and their simple laidback island lifestyle. If you’re looking for a week to escape and get ‘lost’ from the world, then its time to get yourself whisked away to Robinson Crusoe Island!


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