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Rejuvenating in the Island of Tranquility

The hustle and bustle of the city can sometimes be too overwhelming in the busy Singapore metropolitan. After spending a few days in Orchard Road and Bugis Junction having the ultimate shopping experience of my life (coincidently it was during “The Great Singapore Sale”), I finally decided that I had enough of it and wanted nothing more than to enjoy the tranquillity of the simple laidback island life to rejuvenate myself from the overwhelming experience.


Obviously, to travel back to Malaysia at the time for a quick getaway would be ridiculous as that would definitely amount to more time wasted on travelling and fatigue. So I decided to opt for alternative getaway just minutes away from the city at Singapore’s very own, Sentosa Island.


As I was in a desperate need for some tranquillity and relaxation, Sentosa Island became an obvious choice, in fact as I came to realise, it was my only choice as there were not that many island attractions nearby Singapore. Nevertheless, it was a choice I did not regret as I would definitely see myself going back soon for another short vacation in the future.


In an attempt to avoid any traffic and a potentially stressful drive on the road, I made a conscious decision to take advantage of the reliable and efficient public transportation in Singapore and took the MRT instead to reach my destination. I hopped onto a train and headed for the Harbour front MRT station where I will be able to choose my next mode of travelling into the island from the city.  Once there, I was given a choice of either taking the Sentosa Bus, the Sentosa Express or the cable car. The cheapest way of travelling into the island would have been the bus or express train both only costing about S$3 for adults. However, I decided that I wanted to be a little adventurous that day and took the cable car from the Harbour front Tower 2. Although it cost me about S$15 for a return trip to and from the island, I felt it was well worth every penny spent as it was my first time on a cable car ride!


Naturally having a great fear of heights, I felt the adrenaline racing through my veins as the cable car started its journey towards the island hanging by a thick cable almost 70 meters up in the air!

Tightly holding onto my seat as the cable car slowly ascended, the breathtaking view below caught hold of me and slowly made me lose all sense of the gripping fear that I had earlier. So mesmerized I was at the beauty of the land below, that I practically stood by near the window the whole time. Stunning aerial views of the small island is already clearly visible from the car as well as glimpses of ships docking at the nearby busy port. Less than 10 minutes later, the cable car reached Sentosa Island. Clearly, this was only the beginning to the many experiences I have yet to encounter in this tiny island attraction.


Being so high up in the air made me want to get closer to the ground as much as I can which was why I headed off to the beach. There were three beaches on the island to choose from depending on what activity you’re planning to engage in. Since the whole idea of this little escapade was to seek tranquillity and rejuvenate from all the excitement I recently experienced, Tanjong Beach became my first option. Armed with a good book in one hand and sunscreen lotion in the other, I finally found my chance to just lie down in solitude while enjoying the gentle sea breeze and view of the calm sea. It would have been picturesque if not for the rows of ships docked at the nearby port which is visible from afar.  Nevertheless, I still managed to feel rejuvenated and refreshed after a relaxing day at the beach.


I heard from a few friends that Siloso Beach was one of the most happening beaches on the island so I decided to check it out for myself. True enough, the beach was a crowd puller especially among the younger generation. There were a lot of activities to do there including mountain biking, canoeing, skim boarding and roller-blading. As I walked along the beach, I stopped to watch an interesting volleyball match between a team of boys versus girls. Apparently, it was a popular spot for volleyball enthusiasts where matches are being organised almost every weekend. After spending about 40 minutes watching the boy team getting creamed by the girls in 3 very entertaining matches, I finally got up and left for my next attraction on the island.


By mid afternoon, it was getting quite hot and humid on the island so I thought a ‘wet’ visit might probably cool me off a little. The Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon became the next stop in my itinerary. Always fascinated by dolphins, the closest I have ever gotten to one was my stuffed dolphin back at home. Therefore, I relish the experience of actually seeing one up close and personal. I managed to make it in time for the “Meet the Dolphins” session and watched an amazing show by these beautiful, friendly sea creatures swimming and leaping into the air leaving the audiences in awe of their performance.


I just couldn’t seem to get enough of watching these lovely sea creatures, so I decided to take a short tour of the Underwater World instead. This oceanarium is home to more than 2, 500 fishes from 250 different species. As I ventured into the moving travellator along an 83 metre long glass tunnel, shoals of fishes, stingrays, sharks and eels swam past above us. It was like being in the ocean only not getting wet. There was a ‘Dive with Sharks’ programme that I was interested to join but due to time constraints, I made plans to do it the next time I stop by for a visit.


It was late into the evening when I decided to stop by at The Merlion Walk before leaving the island. The Merlion – a half mermaid, half lion which is the proud symbol for the country, stood at a height of 37 metres where remarkable views of the island and shoreline is visible from the Mouth Gallery viewing deck on the 9th floor. After I was done gazing at the impressive Singapore skyline, I headed down to take a nice evening stroll by the Merlion Walk stretching across 120 metres of Gaudi inspired mosaic walkway.


It was a perfectly good end to a wonderful getaway as I was left feeling more tranquil and rejuvenated than ever. The ride back to the city in the cable car was no longer a frightening experience for me as I feel I might have actually lost my fear of heights. There were still many attractions I wasn’t able to see but I made up my mind to make another visit there soon the next time I stop by Singapore.

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