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Saudi Arabia Best Places to Visit


One of the most enigmatic countries in the Middle East, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a sometimes bewildering mix of tradition and modernity, where age-old customs exist side-by-side with the latest high-price technology and glittery new cities. Fantastically wealthy, breathtakingly beautiful and far more culturally complex than most people perceive, Saudi Arabia is one of those countries that will excite or baffle, but will never leave you unmoved.


Nightlife in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia is a country that is rich in culture, tradition and religion. However, if you are looking for some wild and western-style nightlife, you would certainly be disappointed.


Saudi Arabia is a constrained state and their nightlife is totally different from other countries. Alcohol, nightclubs and bars are prohibited in throughout the country. Theaters or cinemas as it is most commonly known are also forbidden in Saudi. Public theaters can only be found in some private compounds like Ras Tanura and Dhahran.


Though most tourists may find this set up rather boring, Saudi has a lot to offer even without the intoxicating pleasure of alcohol drinks and cocktails. You can unleash the inner food enthusiast in you by visiting different restaurants that will fill your appetite and satisfy your cravings. Asian, American and Iranian restaurants are available to tempt your taste bud. You can try different cuisines and find the best one that will satisfy your tummy’s hankering for delicacies. If you are a fan of fast food, the ever famous McDonald’s and KFC restaurant are available for your convenience.

If you favor a quiet time alone, you can indulge yourself in an aromatic experience at various coffee shops. From Starbucks to Cinnabon, you can be sure that the rich blend of coffee can gratify your yearning for a taste of nightlife.

Another main leisure activity in Saudi is shopping. From high-end brands to local names, Saudi’s Western-type malls keep you occupied. It is part of Saudi’s culture to bargain when you find yourself admiring a beautiful piece of carpet or anything you want to take back home for yourself or as a souvenir to your friend. Whether you prefer bazaars or malls, shopping in Saudi is one of the best alternatives for nightlife.


If you are a nature lover, a walk on the seaside is a good way to spend your evenings. Strolling along the beach is good for your mind and body and would relieve your stress and it’s a good exercise too. Watching the sunset and taking a moonlight stroll can make you feel like throwing all your cares in the sea. Gazing at the stars and enjoying a peaceful night will ease your mind of troubles and worries, not to mention the fresh sea air that will fill your lungs with calmness.


Saudi’s lack of nightlife is probably one of the best reasons why Saudi is such a great place to visit. You get to reconnect with your friends, practice your bargaining skills, taste different cuisines, have some peaceful alone time, learn new things and get a new hobby. It goes to show that you can learn new things when you have to let go of some things you’re already used to.

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