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Taman Tasik Perdana


Back in the old days of bell-bottom pants, wild hairs and even wilder tie-dye shirts, Taman Tasik Perdana, or fondly known as Lake Gardens, was the most happening place to be in the capital city. And many years later, peoples still continue to flock to this place to relax and unwind. Taman Tasik Perdana is essentially a motley crew of botanical gardens and mini zoos and parks, nestled between man-made lakes that are not too far from the city centre. Indeed, it has the enviable position of being the oldest and most popular park in KL as well as being a favourite neighbourhood for the British colonials.


Taman Tasik Perdana, with its beautiful landscaped hills and cool walking and biking trails have not lost its charm despite the mushrooming of shopping malls and cineplex as places people go to for entertainment. City dwellers can be seen on most weekends either jogging or doing slow walks with their families and young children. The refreshing greenery and ambience is the major attraction and together with its close proximity to the city, Taman Tasik Perdana remains a firm favourite.

Taman Tasik Perdana is also home to many other attractions such as the popular Bird Park where you can take pictures with the friendly resident cockatoo. You can also take a quick peek at hundreds of types of butterflies at the Butterfly Park, take pictures of colourful orchids at the Orchid Garden, or visit the deer at the Deer Park. For a glimpse into the Islamic civilization, spend the day at the Islamic Museum. Go to the Planetarium to gaze at the stars and for a trip down memory lane, visit our National Monument. The best way to explore Taman Tasik Perdana is by foot because most attractions are quite close to each other and the abundance of greenery would make the walk quite pleasant.


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