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The City by the West Midlands – Birmingham

Take a break and go to the beautiful city of Birmingham. Located in the West Midlands, it is one of the largest cities in the United Kingdom with a population of slightly above one million.
Popularly known as “the workshop of the world” during the Industrial revolution heyday, Birmingham is also known as a “city of a thousand trade”. Over the years, its importance and reputation as an industrial city had declined but, it still remains a popular attraction for tourists. It is the fourth popular tourist destination in the United Kingdom.

The city was founded during the sixth century, and is located on the banks of River Rea. It started as a small farming village. However, during the 16th century the city managed to obtain supplies of iron ore and coal resulting in it prospering into the steel industry.
Later, the city was well known as a small arms producer during the British Civil War and it prospered further during the industrial revolution.
Typical of British weather, it enjoys a temperate maritime climate where the average temperature is 20 degrees Celsius during the summer and below five degrees in winter.
People wanting to visit Birmingham could travel by road, trains and also by flight into the Birmingham International Airport.


From old buildings to ghost tours

At Birmingham, you could visit many fabulous places, from old buildings, interesting museums to beautiful landscape houses and also, yes, ghost tours to scare you.
If it is museums you are looking for, then you can visit the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Aston Hall, Blakesley Hall, Museum of the Jewellery Quarter and Sarehole Mill.
In the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, tourists can find the world’s largest collection of coins. It also has a concert hall catering to plays and shows.

The Birmingham Museum of Art, opened in 1959, offers a collection of 17, 000 items of interests from the European, American, African, pre-Columbian, Asian and Native American culture. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Birmingham.
Meanwhile, Aston Hall is one of the largest country houses that you can find in England. Built in the 17th century by Sir Thomas Haulte, an aristocrat, his family once owned many of the land in Warwickshire.
Blakesly Hall was completed in 1590 by merchant and farmer Richard Smalbroke and it depicts the lavish lifestyle of the people then. Meanwhile the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter offers an insight of how jewellery is made. Sarehole Mill is a famous hangout of Lord of the Rings author, J.R.R. Tolkien.
There are also several famous public squares in Birmingham and this include Centenary Square, Chamberlain Square, Victoria Square and the historic Old Square. Some of the recent squares built there included Rotunda Square and St Martin’s Square. It provides the perfect place to relax while viewing the beautiful architecture all around.

Savoury visit

A must-visit for tourists is the Cadbury World which showcases the history of chocolate, steps taken to producing mouth-watering chocolates and also history of the famous company.

Birmingham also showcases various places of worship that include St Philip’s Cathedral, St Chad’s Cathedral catering for Roman Catholics and the Birmingham Central mosque, which is one of the largest in Europe.
For the outdoors, there is Dudley Zoo, which is one of the finest zoos in Britain where you can bring your children on an educational stroll. Nearby, there is also the Drayton Manor theme park which provides fun family activities and thrill rides.
Although not located close to the sea, you can also watch marine life by going to Sea Life Centre where you can see sharks, stingrays and other marine life without going inside the water. This attraction provides a fun and educational family outing.
Interested in the paranormal, why not take one of Birmingham’s ghost tour?
As with most cities in the United Kingdom, sports like cricket and football is a favourite event. Birmingham has two football teams, namely, Aston Villa and also Birmingham FC. Go watch a game and enjoy yourself!

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