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The Merseyside City of Liverpool

There is certainly an aura when one mentions the name Liverpool. Located in the north-west, Liverpool is one of the famous and largest cities in Britain after London. It is not only famous for its harbour, but also being the birthplace of the Beatles and football clubs, Liverpool FC and Everton.


The city is also famous for its museums and the beautiful architecture of its old buildings. Outside London, Liverpool has the largest number of museums in any city in the United Kingdom. You may also know that the ill-fated famous ocean liner Titanic was also registered in Liverpool.

Founded in 1207 as a municipality, Liverpool was granted city status in the late 19th century. Before the end of the 20th century, it was said that 40 per cent of the world’s trade passed through this port city, facilitating the city’s expansion.

Its strategic location as a port attracts diverse population from around the world transforming it into a rich multiracial metropolitan. Its population are known as “Liverpudlians” or “scousers”, and the city has slightly over 1 million people.

Typical of all places in the United Kingdom, Liverpool has a mixture of rainy, sunny, windy and cloudy conditions. The summers are usually bright and warm. Winters are usually cold and wet. In the summer, the average temperatures is 20 degrees Celsius and it is five degrees and below during winter.

As with other cities in United Kingdom, Liverpool could be accessed by road, rail and by flight. You may also fly into Liverpool John Lennon airport or take the optional route by sea.

Wine and dine

Like any other big cities, there are many places galore to visit or dine or where you can just have a fun time. The same goes for Liverpool. If you are interested in finding history or even modern shopping complexes, sports and music, you name it, you can find it all in Liverpool.

In 2008, the city was proclaimed the capital of culture where the rich port trade had attracted a diverse population and of course its customs and traditions that come from all over the world.

World Heritage site

Unesco proclaimed Liverpool’s waterfront a World Heritage Site in 2004. The recognition follows the port being one of the most important contributing factors in the rise of Britain as a global power through trade.

Among the buildings with its intricate architecture design recognised as part of the site include theRoyal Liver Building, Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool building.

Visiting Liverpool’s museums is certainly a must to get a taste of the city and the world’s history. Its seven museums such as World Museum Liverpool, Walker Art Gallery, Merseyside Maritime Museum, International Slavery Museum, Lady Lever Art Gallery, Sudley House and Museum of Liverpool.

Birthplace of the Beatles


Any fan of the Fabulous Four would certainly make sure that the Beatles Story would be a must-visit. Located at Albert Dock, the facility underwent an expansion in 2008, and it is the only definitive historical museum of the Beatles. Some of the attractions include George Harrison’s guitars and John Lennon’s various glasses.


A visit to Liverpool would not be complete if they were to miss watching a football match at Anfield, home of Liverpool FC and also Goodison Park, home of Everton FC.
Both these Premier League teams have won major trophies in the past. This included the European Cup captured by Liverpool in the dramatic 2004-05 finale.

Liverpool is an interesting place to visit that caters to everyone’s interests, ranging from history, music and sports.

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