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Top Tourist Destinations In The Philippines


Beautiful, charming, exotic, kaleidoscopic, enchanting – the Philippines is all that and more. The many islands of the archipelago each offer something unique and enticing, and is the perfect place to fulfill every need, whether its for peace and quiet, a few rounds of golf, frenzied shopping sprees or partying until the sun comes up.


Dipolog in Mindanao


Philippines is well known for the beautiful beaches such of Boracay and Puerto Galera. But there are places even more beautiful, such as the beaches in Mindanao. Oooops! did I hear “No way” around the corner? Are you scared about Abu Sayaf? Better not be, because I come from Mindanao myself. I grew up in Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte, and it has remained a peaceful place even to this day.

I admit, I myself have lived there for years but I haven’t yet visited all of the beautiful places nearby. I still get a surprise when discovering untouched virgin spots that most tourist would really appreciate.

Dipolog City is the best place to stay when in Mindanao because, from here, you can take a bus or a boat to go to the other places since all the means of transportation are available here.


When you get there, you can scout for the most affordable hotel rooms (very cheap, I would say). The people are all very nice and friendly (and speak good English too!). Local food is great (seafoods..yum!..yum!) and very affordable.


Within the city, do not miss a visit to the Cathedral and the Punta Coro (the crosses of these two are directly opposite to each other and it is believed to be a very significant symbol of the strong faith of the dipolognons). If you love trekking, you can go to Linabo, a 3000-step hill with a very nice view of Dipolog and Dapitan from the summit. There is also a grotto when you reach your last step.


The stations of the cross are commemorated here annually during the Holy Week. After your climb, you should visit Sicayab beach. It has the finest black sand and it is very clean. You give a hand by helping the fishermen with their catch and you may be surprised to get a little something from them as their gesture thanks.

For the food, the seafood and the Spanish sardines are what Dipolog is famous of. Once you have tried it, you’ll surely take some home….trust me!

Dipolog City has a twin city, Dapitan. It’s a 15-minute ride from Dipolog. It is where Jose Rizal (our National Hero) was exiled by the Spanish colonial authorities. You will see his works preserved here by the local officials, but some of the artifacts on display are just replicas. Sunsets are beautifully when viewed from the boulevard of Dapitan City.

Dakak beach resort

Un-missable! It is the pride of Dipolog and Dapitan, A well developed resort with white sand beaches and well-equipped with tourist amenities. There is also the nearby island of Aligway , an hour away from Dipolog and also blessed with white sand. This place remains undeveloped, but you can do snorkeling and diving or just even enjoy the beach and relax.


Whew! There goes a short trip to my hometown! But we are not quite finished yet….you can visit other places not too far away……

By boat, you can go to Dumaguete City, just 4 hours away from Dipolog, and check out Apo Island and Antulang Beach. By land, you can go to Iligan city and see the famous Maria Cristina falls. This falls is also the source of some of the electricity in the region. There is Duka Bay in Missamis Occidental, Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin on Bukidnon.


You see, you wont spend so much money to enjoy these places because they are right beside each other. Have fun and enjoy your trip!

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