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Why Walking In A Big City So Uncomfortable?

About a month back, I took a train to the capital of my State called Jaipur, also popularly known as the Pink City. I didn’t have much to do there but had to go due to some hearing in a court which was scheduled at 12 noon. But my train dropped me there early in the morning at 6. So after taking my bath & breakfast, I thought I should start walking towards my destination. I love walking when I’ve got plenty of time at hand. The weather was also pleasant.

But when I asked about the address I wanted to go to, no one could tell me the exact direction. All I could gather was that it’s some 10-15 km from there. Several auto-rickshaw & cycle rickshaw drivers insisted me to hire them and they will take me there in as little as 100 bucks. I explained them that I’ve got plenty of time in hand and I want to take a walk around the city to have a look around while going towards my destination and requested them to guide me. But they responded that the route is too complicated with lots of turns & round abouts. Strangely, nobody could even point me to any direction to start my journey. It was early morning, so there weren’t many local people on road. Therefore, I chose a random direction and started to walk only to know half an hour later that I have taken just the opposite one. I’m too bad at guessing anything.

Finally, I gave up the idea of walking and took a city bus, thinking that I’ll see the route and take a walk while coming back as my return train too was scheduled for a late evening departure.

Obviously, I reached my venue quite early. So I decided to explore its vicinity. Fortunately, I discovered that very close to it was a small forest which was open to visitors at that hours. I love walking in natural surroundings. Nothing could have been better to pass my spare time at that moment.

Interestingly, I found a warning message posted at the entry for the presence of leopards inside and a cautionary to not to go alone. However I ain’t afraid of big cats, I asked the forest guard for how many people wee inside. He looked at the entry register and said not many. There weren’t even a dozen people inside this sanctuary.

[Sorry, I didn’t had my camera with me. So all these pictures here were taken from a camera in my tiny feature phone I was carrying along.]

This place had some beautiful birds, peaceful walkways, beautiful flowers, several medicinal plants, herbs & trees but I didn’t come across any leopard.

Of late Jaipur is becoming infamous for extreme animal cruelty esp. on the majestic elephants used at the Amber fort. I too witnessed some animal cruelty in practice to earn money out of them though I didn’t visit those infamous tourist places:

And there were also some man-made dolphins to inspire minnows like me:

You may be wondering that Jaipur is a renowned tourist place then why I have chosen to serve you with such pictures. Please note that these were not among any prominent tourist places in the Pink City. And I took all these photographs from a small feature phone with its lowest resolution settings. There are times when I ain’t any interested to visit any tourist sites in a well known tourist place. This was one of those days.

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